Huckleberry Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar 4.5oz


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Just when you thought the sublime combination of sea salt and chocolate  couldn’t get any better, The Huckleberry People created the Huckleberry  Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar! The process begins with pure milk chocolate  which is enhanced with the fruity burst of wild huckleberries hand  gathered in the beautiful mountain meadows of Montana. As the chocolate  begins to set, a sprinkling of raw sea salt is added. The final creation  is a taste-bud tingling wonder created from sweet, fruit, and salt. It  is unlike anything you have tasted before. As one of our favorite  Montana foods, The Huckleberry Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar is a treat  you’ll want to try!


Montana Huckleberry Dark Sea Salt, Montana Huckleberry Razzle, Wild Huckleberry


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